Returning a product

While we fully understand that it is sometimes necessary to return a product, we ask you to read the following instructions carefully to ensure your return goes smoothly, and that you receive your replacement or refund in a timely manner with minimal hassle:

  • First let us know you need to return a product by sending us an email at webstore@advanceops.ca with the product info, the transaction number and a short line on reason for the return (the reason is just for our info as we do not challenge returns within the warranty period.)

  • Pay attention to the dates: You need to contact us before the end of the warranty period (Day 1 is the day after you received your produce from us). After the warranty period has ended, you can no longer return the product.

  • Do not ship right away: Wait for us to emit a Return Authorization and to confirm the return method.

  • Whenever possible and convenient, a returned item will be replaced by an identical item instead of issuing a refund.

  • We only emit Credits/Exchange once the original product has been returned back to our store in the same condition it was shipped, in its original packaging and has been tested for defects.

  • Please note that our warranty does not cover shipping charges to and from the customer.

If you have any questions in regards to returning an item, please contact us at webstore@advanceops.ca and be sure to include the item number, transaction number and a concise description of the question or issue in your message.